Airport and Flights, Trains and Road Transportation, Jabalpur

Brief History
In 1867 the East Indian Railways, flagged the Naini (Allahabad) – Jabalpur block rail traffic. And on Monday, March 8, 1870, the tracks of the Great Indian Peninsula Railway and of the East Indian Railway were laid. Since then Jabalpur has been firmly placed on the main railway line from Kolkatta to Mumbai.

The inaugaration ceremony was glorified by the esteemed and eminent personalities like Maharaja Sir Salar Jang and Commander-in-chief Sir A Spencer from Hyderabad, Maharaja Holkar, Maharaja Panna, Maharaja Rewa, Raja Maiher and Raja Nagaud.

In the year 1905, the Bengal-Nagpur Railway company constructed a narrow gauge branch line to Gondia, connecting Jabalpur (Hawabaug Railway Station) with Nagpur.
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Madan Mahal Railway Station

2 Km from Main Station towards Itarasi is Madan Mahal Railway Station. Except Superfast and Mail, all the trains halt here. Madan Mahal is close to Mahanadda, Write Town, Tripuri Chowk, Sneh Nagar, Sanjeevani Nagar, Garha, and Medical College.