Snooker Invention

Snooker is generally held to have been developed from a combination of pyramid pool and life pool. Although snooker’s origin is not recorded explicitly, it is generally held that a Colonel Sir Neville Chamberlain (no relation to the World War II Prime Minister) conceived the game in the Bristish Army Officer’s Mess in Jubbulpore (Now Jabalpur), India, in 1875.

The name “Snooker”, it is said, was applied to the game, when a young subaltern visited Sir Neville’s Devonshire regiment and explained that first year cadets at Royal Military Academy, where he had trained, were called “Snookers”.

Then, during a game of the new “Pool game”, when one of the young officers missed a pot, Chamberlain called him a “Snooker” referring to his lack of experience. Subsequently the name “Snooker” was adopted for the game itself.