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Jabalpur has also been given the name Sanskaardhaani or the cultural capital of Madhya Pradesh by acharya Vinayak Narhari Bhave, while Bhopal is Rajdhani or political capital and Indore is Vanijyadhani or commercial capital.

The reason for being called Sanskardhani is because many culture-connoisseurs have had long terms significant associations with the city, including Makhanlal Chaturvedi, Harishankar Parsai, Beohar Rajendra Simha, Subhadrakumari Chauhan, Seth Govind Das, Roopkumar Soni, Alakhnandan Sinha, Gyanranjan Shrivastava, Rehman, Prem Nath, Prof Kavindra Bahadur Khare, Arjun Rampal, Aadesh Shrivastava, Raghubir Yadav, and more recently Abhas Joshi, etc., but, most important in this context, the internationally recognized artist-painter from Jabalpur Beohar Rammanohar Sinha who designed and decorated the original preamble to the Constitution of India. Traditional famous sculptor Kundan was also a native of the city.

The presence of the river Narmada, rule of Gond and Kalchuri-Maratha dynasties made Jabalpur a Hindu dominated area. Mughal rule brought in a sizable Muslim population. The city had Hindu-Muslim riots in the 1960s that shook the confidence of Indian Muslims in secular India. There has been a sharp decline in these riots owing to gradual, yet slow path to progress.

The present culture is dominantly related to agricultural population of the city and surrounding areas. The food and clothing change with the harvest of crops in every season, usually observed by Hindus.

Jabalpur has a very cosmopolitan feel about it where you can find people of almost all major religions and castes in India. The city has Marwari, Bengali, Malayali, Sindhi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannadiga, Marathi, and Punjabi people in sizable ratios and there are people from other regions of India as well.

The city has been a stage for many cultural inventions and many traditional rituals.
It is indeed a city of culture, where each festival is celebrated with great pomp, the major being Navratri and Dusshera are celebrated with full energy. Not only residents but also visitors from all over MP come to see the Durga Pandals of the city.

City primarily speaks Hindi and some are fluent with english too. People do speak multiple languages, including: Bagheli, which has a lexical similarity of 72-91% with Hindi and is spoken by about 7800 000 people in Bagelkhand and Bharia, a Dravidian language spoken by at least 200000 members of the Bharia tribe and written in the Devanagari script.

One of the most important crafts of Jabalpur is the Durry designing/Flat cotton and wool Carpet. These durries, which are actually flat carpets.. These durries are popular in Jabalpur and theought the entire state. Earthen pot designing and

Some of the nonprofit organizations (NGOs) active in promotion of art and culture are:
Pahal literary magazine (Prof Gyanranjan & others)
Vivechana (Himanshu Rai & others)
Dialogue-With-Nature-International or DiWiNe-I (Beohar Dr Anupam-Sangita Sinha & others)
Pragatisheel Lekhak Sangha (Pankaj Swamy ‘Gulush’ & others)
Patheya (Rajkumar Tiwari ‘Sumitra’ & others)
Viprakul Parishad (Rajesh Pathak ‘Pravin’ & others)
Ityaadi Group (Supriya-Vinay Amber & Others)
MP Artists’ Forum (Kamta Sagar & others)
MiPhoSo (Mukul Yadav & others)
Triveni Parishad (Dr Gayatri Tiwari & others)
Gunjan Kala Sadan (Omkar Shrivastava & others)
MitraSangh (Ajeet Verma & others)
Jabalpur Manch (Pankaj Verma & Others)
Ordnance Factory Khamaria’s Natya Kala Sansthan (V.M.Ignatius & others)

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