take the road this holiday

By in Festivals, Travel on October 30, 2015

Festival seasons has begun and I sure like many would be travelling a lot and some time in their own car!

Make a note, as this might help –
Keep these documents handy and safe : RC, Insurance, Road Tax, Pollution (PUC) and a valid license

NOC is required only when you are going to stay in a particular city/state for a period of 30 days or more, generally. If you are on travel and with an intention to return to your home city with no stay in any city/state for more than 30 days no NOC is required. Private vehicles (white registration board with black numbers) are free to roam anywhere in the country. Permits are only required for commercial or taxi registered vehicles.

You may keep the
fuel receipts and
toll receipts.

.. u can go anywhere in india

Happy Halidays!!!

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